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Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Silent Brass PM 6 X is an innovative practice mute designed for flugelhorn...
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Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Ring Key Patch cover the open toneholes of ring key flutes. Pack of x10 patches for ring keys of a flute. Suitable for most models of flutes these patches convert open holes on the instrument to closed holes...
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Yamaha Powder Paper
Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Powder Paper is a magnesium powder coated special paper for the cleaning of woodwind instruments pads. It prevents the sticking of the pads on the sound holes and prevents "smacking". ​..
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Brand: Yamaha
Curved headjoint for flutes made by a well-known Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. It was designed for the youngest beginners to make studying easier. It is made of silver-plated nickel-silver alloy. It can be used for all Yamaha student 2xx, 3xx, 4xx models. - for the youngest beginners ..
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Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Cleaning Swab is a cloth designed to cleaning brass instruments...
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Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Cleaning Paper helps to keep pads clean before they get the chance to become dirty and stick. It's ideal for use on all woodwind instrument pads...
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