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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 152/3 is a stable and practical stand for Böhm/Cross Flutes. The base and instrument holder, ø 18 mm, are made out of durable plastic. The three robust steel tube legs, ø 10 mm, are collapsible for easy and compact transport. Height: 158 mm. Weight: 0.15 kg..
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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 14350 is robust and handy stand for tenor saxophone. The wonderful thing about it is that, when folded up in the velour bag that comes with it, the stand can be stored and transported in the bell of the saxophone. Height: 420 mm. Weight: 0.58 kg...
Ex Tax:34.17€
Brand: SF Winds
SF Winds Music Stand is a solid and high-quality stand, made of a combination of metal and plastic. It is foldable, its weight is 2.7 kg...
Ex Tax:19.08€
Brand: SF Winds
SF Winds Alto saxophone stand is made of light metal alloy and is suitable for all alt saxophone models...
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Recorder / Piccolo flute stand K&M 15262
Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 15262 is a compact recorder stand with 4-leg base for soprano recorders and/or piccolo flutes. Peg made of rubber with an unbreakable steel core, diameter 6.5 mm. Folded up the stand fits in almost every pocket.The height is 145 mm, weighs 0.08 kg...
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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 152/6 is a table and practical stand for soprano recorder and piccolo flutes. The light base is made out of durable plastic. The instrument holder, ø 6.5 mm, has a stable metal core that is completely rubberized to protect the instrument. The three robust steel tube legs, ø 10 mm, ..
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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 17782 is a stable plastic peg with steel core suitable for soprano recorders and/or piccolo flutes...
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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 101 is classic music stand which has been redesigned. To provide new user friendly and comfortable height adjustment, the 101 was supplemented with clamp elements which protect the finish. The powder coating is extremely resistant to wear and tear and guarantees optimal protec..
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K&M 100/5 music stand
2-3 Days
Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 100/5 is black-coloured high quality orchestral music stand, suitable for any event, however particularly successful with orchestras and bands. Featured is a non-marring height-adjustment mechanism, that remains secure and keeps your music in place...
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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 152/35 is a stable unique plastic peg for flutes. Height: 1700 mm. Weight: 0.19 kg...
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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 152/32 is a unique, compact and extremely light flute stand with 4-leg base for Böhm flutes and/or cross flutes. Plastic peg diameter 18 mm. The zinc die-cast legs ensure a very high stability. Folded up the stand fits in almost every pocket. Height: 1558 mm. We..
Ex Tax:11.50€
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