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Ryu RST Artist QD is a dark-lacquer tenor saxophone from our production suitable. Design and setup are inspired by the most popular models of French saxophones. Case, strap, cork, grease, mouthpiece, ligature, cap and reed are included. - balanced registers and excellent&..
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Brand: BG France
BG France A30 is a cleaning swab suitable for alto saxophone. It is made of high absorption washable microfiber material...
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Bedřich Zakostelecký - Škola hry na klarinet 1
Brand: Bärenreiter
Škola hry na klarinet 1 is a very popular clarinet book which is suitable for music school edutation. Each exercise contains a diagram of the instrument, illustrating the essential key-work and a comprehensive fingering chart including the more usual and acceptable alternatives...
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Bb clarinet Yamaha YCL 255 S
Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha YCL 255 S is a Bb clarinet for beginners made by well-known Japan musical instruments manufacturer. Body of the 255N is made of ABS plastic, keys are made of silver-plated nickel silver (alpaca). It features 17 keys, 6 rings and adjustable thumb-rest and strap ring. Case, cleaning cloth, cork..
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Bb clarinet Victory VCL Student 02
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Brand: Victory
Victory VCL Student 01 is a wooden Bb clarinet with French (Boehm) fingering suitable for beginners. It features good tuning and comfortable playability. The instrument is made of ebony woodc, keys are made of nickel-plated alpaca. It has 17 keys and 6 rings, adjustable thumb rest. Case, c..
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Brand: K&M
König & Meyer 152/3 is a stable and practical stand for Böhm/Cross Flutes. The base and instrument holder, ø 18 mm, are made out of durable plastic. The three robust steel tube legs, ø 10 mm, are collapsible for easy and compact transport. Height: 158 mm. Weight: 0.15 kg..
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Zheng Hao is a ligature for soprano saxophone mouthpieces made of synthetic fabric. Cap is included...
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Zheng Hao is a ligature for alto saxophone mouthpieces made of synthetic fabric. Cap is included...
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Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Venova is a completely new type of wind instrument that offers the expressiveness of a single reed instrument (such as a clarinet or saxophone) whilst using a simple recorder-like fingering system. Easy to maintain and extremely durable, the Venova is compact and light in weight, allowing you..
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Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Valve Oil Vintage  is a pil for brass instruments with a large piston clearance as well as vintage instruments...
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Brand: Yamaha
Yamaha Valve Oil Super Light is oil intended for instruments with piston clearance and players of all levels...
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